News August: The Rohner Group continues to make significant progress in preparing the release of this new technology.

The Rohner Group is excited and happy to report we have made two significant breakthroughs. One is the operational success with the Rohner Group’s Power Delivery System. We now have videos showing this technology delivering continuous work. Two, our operational success has led our scientists to identify the true nature of the energy reaction. For the first time ever or by anyone, we’ve broken the secrets to new and affordable energy.  

 This has also led to new creations of Patent applications over the last months by the Rohner Group, LLC which addresses the unique and precise nature, science and the power delivery and control systems of this breakthrough science.



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News: Tom Rohner has finally committed a Patent Pending of the actual updated operational electronics that ran the Papp/Rohner Engine.  

"This control system should not be confused with any electronic schematics portrayed  as the actual electronics used as found on some web sites." Tom said.

"It was time to document what really made the engine run. After all these years nobody has yet figured out what we really did." said Tom.


History: Both Tom Rohner and Bob Rohner were associates of Joseph Papp. Each concentrated on their fields of expertise on building and successfully running the Papp Technology engine. Tom dealt with the very sophisticated electronics while Bob work on the mechanical engine.

Tom spent many weeks and months learning the secrets from Papp to control the timing and excitation required to make the engine run. From knowledge learned from Papp, Tom created sophisticated electronics to precisely control components and provide a unique digital & RF signature to massage and energize the gases. Its true function completely hidden and non-reproducible except by Tom or Papp.

“Papp provided me some last minute changes so the fuel could be mixed within the cylinder. Over the years numerous engines were built by others, they tried to reproduce the electronics. They thought they understood the magic, not one ever worked. Papp said before he died it would take both Bob and Tom Rohner to make it run." said Tom.

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